Buddhism = the ”suffering” reading of life? Christianity = the ”right and wrong” reading of life?

”Do not unjustly worsen the experience of another sentient being.” If I call Jews evil (happened based on odd memories and visions…), I have to call Christians evil, too, because they usually eat meat? And if I call the state of the world a conspiracy, there can’t be just Jews behind it.

The pleasure of filling yourself up with ordinary home-cooked food and the grief of just one factory farmed animal?

Can the victory of good over evil include vegan creatine or vegan cat food? Can it include computers? Can it include ’’artificial’’? Does life have to match the old west gold standard — even in paradise?

I wonder if eating bodies of other souls was one immature turn in the history of reality…

(I understand the meaning of wanting to feel good. An obese person was compelled to make an unfortunate deal.)

I suspect time does not exist. And that you can get a good sample of a good eternity situation here already.

The never-ending present can be divided into stretches and there can be calculations of it. One stretch of the grand event order of reality is called the year 1991 here and that’s when I popped up in it. The past (history that is certain) and the future (a prediction or a picture of the tracks things are on and which can be adjusted in the present) can plausibly be looked into, if we accept supernatural and magic tricks existing. If you have time-traveled, I suspect it was just you switching the location in the present with time machine or black hole playtime involved. If you met the future you, hopefully you had a deep conversation with him or her to try and check if it is another person or a non-conscious bot/spirit.

A soul or a consciousness is probably the most incredible thing reality has produced and can produce. The incredible things nearby soul (music, for example) can thankfully feel a bit too good to a soul. Of course, bad souls happened too and now some people are deaf… My bet is that instead of a natural disaster.

Cannabis took me to a supernaturally great present moment a couple of times in addition to the other things it did for me, or we did together. (I am not speaking of just relaxation here; there were experiences of perfection. And my bar for perfection is not low.) There were bad times, too. Now I just don’t believe in psychosis without fear. (I am familiar with that altered state, too.) And I believe wisdom may have properties similar to vaccination. Hopefully my advice helps prevent and treat cannabis-induced psychosis.

I did not reach jjhāna or trance states as a meditating lifestyle Buddhist. Was it about my biology or my place in society or cosmology? Is it a magic trick? At least people like me have (safe) drugs.

More About Me (John Waters Movies Don’t Get This Dark)

I get bullied by my friends in the neighborhood. They torture and rape me and cause me to lose memory of it. They are bad friends, but I feel like I have nothing better — I am a social animal stuck in bad company. I have a terrible home and almost equally terrible extended family. My hideous, disgusting and incomprehensible mother E M, has also sexually abused me and wiped my memory of it. There is a messed up impasse balance between M and A B, my dearest childhood friend, both self-admitted psychopaths (Wonder what that thing is. I suspect it is an act, an identity and a piece of dumb autobiographical storytelling. Drop the manipulation hobby — they screenwrite people’s lives — and you are like me.) threatening to expose each other to me. B’s mother, A L, has also had sex with me — M knows about it — and he doesn’t want her to go to prison, so their cards cancel each other out.

I live in an amnesia prison. I have memories of intermittently being in a similarly wise state as I am in now. At times I am given a panic attack by someone telling me what is going on. I am also explicitly made to be depressed and suicidal. I refuse to become bad myself. Sometimes it is hypnotic words or unconsciousness and I continue living a sorry life like everything was normal.

A bit too bad of a background to ever recover from according to official understanding.

Now I genuinely suspect I am the wisest man in the world and that I have embarrassed a civilization or two.

How rare is it to have a sense of right and wrong? How many people have fallen in love with sadism? Was this world built by people on a very different path from mine?

I am a different person nowadays. I was always a good side person, indifferent though and with some lapses as a kid, too. But now I am wise as fuck. I feel like I deduced myself the big picture of reality.

I wonder if I can change people from bad to good… I don’t quite know what people are like. Maybe I will only make them jealous. Or will I not, because I have been raped and fed shit? Will they feel the most conflicting emotions of their lives? Are adults about the same they were in their school years? I want to study them as they bully me about my childhood…

Can you read me? Are you mental midgets? I feel like the world around me is lagging a little behind me… It’s not that I am talking about some small town in Finland, I’ve visited San Francisco… And I am a university dropout.

I am a ghost in an Appalachian shell and the upper classes will spit on me because of my background. But did even the Medicis get as far as I did as thinkers? Who am I?

I apologize if my posts have been confusing, but I have been mentally battling my childhood tormentors, the ruler class of Earth and eon-old Satans here.

Psychoanalysis of the Snake

As a human with a self-understanding you start by getting startled at your own existence. It becomes clear right after that the best thing possible is good company and a genuine, deep connection to another human. And you’d want that thing to last. In general, all of this is about feeling good and having a good environment, which we can define to include your body and the people near you. (Adam & Eve, ugliness, shyness and fleshlights all have to do with this.)

When you really think about it, there is only one correct path in life. It would be irrational to go for the second best, even though reality allows that.

Even if evilness does not exist outside the acts that are about getting rid of people like me (!) — and everyone is really amoral — you have to wonder whatever the hell went wrong.

Ask a magic mirror what would be the worst thing to do to a soul and is the answer to make him evil? The best moves away from him (peace of mind and eternal perfect company) — and the risk of the worst (pain and death) increases? In addition to the problems of the victims and the one step luckier ones, of course. Make him also be forever stuck with semi-immature monster play?

Things got bad, whether through a trick or organic free range immaturity, (nowadays it probably spreads only as a trick {nowadays meaning the total history of thinking humans on Earth and a few places before it!!??} {Is life as new as it is said to be!?}) and instead of improving the environment all the way to the end of it — and at the same time getting the best possible lives for themselves — people started building things for themselves out of the environment by fairly nonconsensual means. (Kingdoms and their beginnings can perhaps be rated on this. Where does the first king come from though? It’s not at all obvious to organize a community of humans like that?)

Do my enemies do it to others before it is done to them? And if they are punished, do they not care to lessen the victory of their enemy? Do they go for getting more out of reality than it gets out of them? Are they always ready to exit as winners?

I mentioned a ”guide post” earlier. Doesn’t matter what lead to they being amoral or evil in the first place — deliver them wisdom and if they don’t change, they are fully culpable and, and…

We are here with our bodies as pain conductors, a sun made out of bad matter, fish with bodies filled with the tastiest of oil and a wisdom tradition of peak pessimism (Buddhism)… Apparently people can be divided into two groups based on whether they think the good have the edge or not. On the basis of the people I met as a child, I believe it is plausible that things got unbelivably bad pre-Earth and that this world may have been a well-meaning life growing project. Things are clearly still bad. But no one going for the second best could have created any of the prime elements of life on Earth, if they were indeed created and not produced by the non-soul forces of reality whatever they are. (What was the environment the first soul came to be in?) Wonder what the storytelling part or historical interpretation of Satan worshipping is…

Something having stopped my pain when it stopped when I was tortured (I’m not there still.) and cannabis are the clues of hope I have.

Becoming Free of Suffering

Form an accurate picture of what is going on and what has happened. Your body sensations, anxiety, fear, sweating and blushing (I believe it is caused half-supernaturally. How could a verbal attack and psychological distress alone cause your cheeks to start behaving a certain way? Or do humans have weird buttons like that — psychology molding your nervous system?) et cetera, are out of control, but they are just body sensations.

Getting raped, for example, is reality having allowed your body to be touched without you wanting it. There is a cultural and social meaning for rape that is designed to cause suffering, especially for a man, but you should take that only as seriously as the rest of the mainstream culture. Life happened the way it happened and some became rapists.

And the accurate picture of your rapist could be that he enjoyed doing it, he liked that you suffered because of it and still enjoys you not liking what he was able to do.

Get a clear picture of the rest of the state of the matters and a healthy sense of superiority towards your rapist or rapists should develop. Why not expose him and get him just suffering or the risk of it, too?

As a rape victim thinking about what happened to you, you end up in a place that is about as bearable as the other ones, where you think about evilness.

To lessen the rape victim stigma oozing out of the text, here’s a list of other bad things that may have happened to you: becoming fat, farting mid-sex because you didn’t know about fasting, wearing eyeglasses and getting a bad youth and motor skills because of it, getting robbed, wasting life with a bad spouse, supporting animal cruelty (on animals: where all should life grow?) or terrible amoral oversexual people with consumer choices… Reality just is like that.

I was a jealous person as a sleepwalker (before getting my memory and cool back) and became free of it in that state even. Perhaps ”vipassana” works for you, too. Just forcibly wish well for the person you are jealous of. Just do it. Whatever it is.

A List of Evil (Causing a substantially unfair situation and enjoying it.) People From My Childhood and Youth in Nokia.


D B (He and his brother above were raped and made to eat shit by their father, but they liked him.)





I L (One of the demon-like kids in the neighborhood, who attacked me when I tried to play outside alone (I escaped there from my mother. And I got yelled at again after returning teary-eyed.) as a kind-hearted child. When we were a little older she told me that she doesn’t bully me anymore, because fake friendliness was now a better strategy. Her mother had coached her in Nazi-inspired survival of the fittest.)

L K (”If you tell everyone I bullied you, I will just lie that I have changed.”, he told me at high school. I believe his mother is a social worker. Did she coach him in bullying? And one of my oddest memories is K telling me at elementary school that he had shot a ’’nigger’’ while on vacation in Brazil with his family.)

H T (”It’s in your nervous system and you can’t get rid of it!”, he said when I first started blushing.)





J K (I faintly remember he having committed a murder and telling me about it. He said it was some alcoholic. Don’t they all kill people at black masses? Satan worshipping and Judaism can’t be just school bullying projects?)






J R (”Your hippocampus will shrink.”, he bullied me about my visible depression at high school.)












Edit: A list of school bullies basically. Fuck pretending school (or daycare) bullying does not matter anymore when everyone involved is an adult. People do not automatically change with age. And when bullying includes hypnosis or amnesia caused by a trauma reaction it is more serious. (Pedophile parents and school bullies using the same methods?) (Any mentions of devil worshipping are also interesting.) I barely survived into adulthood. Dividing people into amoral and moral is my political agenda.

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